COVID-19 Response

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Did you know AER has over 30 categories of assistance?

We can help with rent, temporary lodging, utilities, food, vehicle costs, healthcare (including mental health), special needs medical equipment, and more, just ask!

Select one of the following options to begin your financial assistance request.

Quarantine / Limited Face-to-Face Contact

Soldiers who cannot visit their local AER office or other military aid society due to quarantine or local area restrictions on face-to-face contact.


DoD Travel Ban / PCS Stop Movement

Soldiers affected by the Department of Defense travel ban or stop movement order on all permanent change of duty station (PCS).


Non-Title 10 Army Reserve & National Guard

AER will assist non-Title 10 ARNG and USAR Soldiers on a case-by-case basis when they are experiencing extreme or unusual financial hardship due to a canceled deployment or the current DoD travel ban.


AER Closure / No Support Available

AER assistance is available through American Red Cross.
Call 1-877-272-7337  select option 1 for financial assistance.

You can also use our Office Locator to find additional military aid offices. AER assistance is provided at any military aid office, regardless of the military branch.

Office Locator

Routine Request / No Restrictions

All routine assistance cases where the local AER office is open will be processed using standard AER assistance request procedures.  AER officers will schedule appointments or take walk-ins to receive requests. The soldier will receive financial assistance once the request is approved and all required documentation is completed.

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Civilian Federal Employee

The Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA) is the only independent, nonprofit 501c3 organization devoted solely to providing emergency financial assistance and scholarships to the dedicated civilian federal and postal public servants and their families.

Visit FEEA Website

Want to help?

AER is funded by donations from soldiers, corporations, and the public. Requests for financial assistance increase during times of crisis and we rely on the generosity of donors to support our soldiers with grants and zero-interest loans.

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Process & Eligibility


AER has established an electronic process for Soldiers affected by COVID-19 to submit assistance requests via email and secure document upload. Soldiers are encouraged to meet with their local AER officer in-person, however, those unable to do so should follow the process outlined on this page.


  1. Active Duty & Retired Soldiers (and family)
  2. Retired Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers receiving Retired pay (and family)
  3. Medically Retired Soldiers and their dependents, including Permanent or Temporary Disability Retirement List.
  4. Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers under Title 10 on continuous Active Duty for more than 30 consecutive days (and family)
  5. Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers (and family) affected by DoD Travel Ban but not on Title 10 orders will be considered case-by-base for extreme hardship

Categories of Assistance

All assistance requests are unique and considered on an individual basis.

  • Emergency Travel
  • Natural Disaster (preparation & evacuation)
  • Mortgage, Rent, Initial Deposit
  • Temporary Lodging
  • Food
  • Healthcare (not covered by Tricare)
  • Vehicle Costs
  • Utilities
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Basic Essential Furniture
Have a request not listed above? Just ask!


  • Appliance Costs
  • Cranial Helmets
  • PCS Travel
  • Child Car Seats
  • Dental Care (for dependents)
  • Home Repair
  • Non-Medical Attendant Travel
  • Invitational Travel Order
  • Clothing
  • Immigration & Passport Fees (for dependents)
  • Special Needs Medical Equipment
  • Spouse Relicensing / Recertification
  • Child Care (Army Fee Assistance req.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my spouse obtain AER assistance if I’m deployed or TDY?

    Yes, provided your Spouse has Special Power of Attorney and a Valid Military ID Card.

  • Is there a dollar limit on AER Assistance?

    Every request is unique and considered on an individual basis. Some categories of assistance have dollar limits while others have requirements related to grants versus loans.

  • Do I have to contribute to AER to receive assistance?

    No. All eligible requests will be considered regardless of prior contributions.

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