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Soldiers Helping Soldiers Since 1942

  • A U.S. Soldier in full gear shouts to his fellow Soldiers as he stands behind a smoking howitzer.
A Soldier in a red T-shirt gives fist pounds to several schoolchildren gathered around him.

AER’s Mission

To provide grants, interest-free loans and scholarships to promote readiness and help relieve financial distress of Soldiers and their Families.

Financial Frontline

Financial Frontline

Soldiers with AER loans who are eligible and fulfill the requirements can gain credit toward their loans by:

  • Reviewing and completing the financial training videos on the Army G-9 website within 90 days of the loan creation date;
  • Scoring an 80 or higher in the first three attempts on the test in AER’s Loan Portal.

Specialists/corporals and below can receive up to $500 and sergeants and above can receive up to $250 on their current loan balances. Credits will not exceed the current balance of the loan.

Go to the Army G-9 website
Retired Col. Greg Gadson

“AER was one of the first organizations that made a direct contribution to my Family after being seriously wounded. AER was right there to make a difference so that we could begin to take on the challenges ahead. As a 26-year service member, I’ve seen countless times where AER has stood up and taken care of Soldiers, including myself.”

—Retired Col. Gregory Gadson, actor, motivational speaker

Gadson is a member of AER’s Board of Managers. He was serving as commander of the 2nd Battalion, 32nd Field Artillery Regiment, in 2007 when an IED took both his legs above the knees and he lost the use of his right arm and hand. He continued to serve on active duty and led Fort Belvoir, Virginia’s garrison before retiring.

  • 4 Million

    Soldiers assisted since 1942
  • $2 Billion

    Assistance provided since 1942
  • $1 Billion

    Assistance provided since 9/11