MG James Ursano Scholarship Program


Major General James Joseph Ursano

Major General James Joseph Ursano retired from active duty on 1 July 1976 after 33 years of active service. His final assignment was Director of Management, Office of the Chief of Staff, Department of the Army. The Board of Managers of Army Emergency Relief elected General Ursano effective 1 July 1976 to be the Director of Army Emergency Relief, a position he held for 10 years.

General Ursano passed away in 1996. The AER Scholarship for Dependent  Children was renamed the MG James Ursano Scholarship Fund in honor of General Ursano’s life of service to Soldiers and Families.

2020 - 2021 Academic Year

The MG James Ursano Scholarship Program is a need-based scholarship program established to assist children of Army Soldiers in obtaining their first undergraduate degree. Applicants must reapply each year and may receive assistance for up to four academic years as long as they meet the eligibility criteria explained in the document below.

The award amounts vary each year based on the number of applicants, total approved scholarship budget, the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the Student Aid Report (SAR) from the FAFSA, and the average Cost of Attendance to attend a college or university in the United States as provided by the College Board.  For the 2019-2020 academic year, awards ranged from $500 to $3,400.

The application cycle runs from 1 January through 1 April, 2020.


Award Distribution Schedule

Applications for the 2020 – 2021 MG James Ursano Scholarship Program will be accepted from 1 January 2020 – 1 April 2020.

How to Apply

Review important documents

All applicants must read the corresponding Program Guidelines and FAFSA documents for the scholarship application for which they are applying. Click the links below to review the necessary documents.

2020 – 2021 Program Guidelines
2020 – 2021 FAFSA Instructions

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Complete scholarship application

To begin, all applicants must read the important documents located in Step 1 (above). After reading the important documents, complete the scholarship application using our scholarship portal. First-time applicants must register for an account within the portal before completing an application. Click the button below to begin.

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