AR 930-4: Service Organizations: Army Emergency Relief


Army Regulation 930-4 | Service Organizations: Army Emergency Relief | Effective May 19, 2019

Summary: This regulation prescribes requirements, procedures, and responsibilities for administering, operating, and approving Army Emergency Relief assistance. It also contains guidance, direction, and procedures for AER assistance to eligible Army Soldiers and their eligible Family members. The portions of this regulation pertaining to the organization and operation of the National Headquarters, AER are for information only and are not directed by the Department of the Army. Procedures used by AER sections, in conducting AER activities, are contained in HQ, AER implementing guidance, local standard operating procedures, and AER policy memorandums. Army Emergency Relief officers should contact HQ, AER for guidance or assistance needed in operating their sections, regarding the content of this regulation or any other instructions from HQ, AER.