AER Spouse Relicensing & Recertification Program

Moving across the country is full of new experiences and many Military Families discover this when experiencing a permanent change of station (PCS). Figuring out whether a license or certification can be transferred from state to state is one of the more complicated challenges for Army Families. Some states support Soldiers and their Spouses through licensure compacts. Occasionally, there are ways to qualify for a provisional license, and some licenses count regardless of where the PCS orders take you.

However, many certifications in cosmetics, real estate and medicine do not transfer from state to state. Relicensing is often necessary, but costly with fees associated with registering, testing and more. To relieve distress, promote resiliency and overall financial readiness & well-being of Army Families, Army Emergency Relief provides assistance to Spouses of Regular Army and Army National Guard /U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers on Title 10 Active Guard Reserve (AGR) tours for state relicensing and recertification fees.

Based on the costs estimate for the relicensing or recertification fees, the first $1000 of the total amount requested will be provided as a loan due to the fact that the Spouse will be reimbursed up to $1000 by the Army after submission of the SF Form (SF) 1034. The remaining amount that is above $1000 Army reimbursement amount may be considered as a loan, grant or combination of both up to $2500.


Who Is Eligible?

Active Duty Soldiers, Active Guard and Reserve Soldiers, and their Families may be eligible for this assistance in either a no-interest loan or grant option. Active Guard and Reserve Soldiers may require Title 10 orders showing their PCS for 31 or more consecutive days and the Spouse must already be licensed or certified in a career field from the Soldier’s previous duty station to be eligible for assistance under this category. Exceptions may apply.


How To Apply:

Families have up to 180 days after arrival at the new duty station to apply. This category of assistance is “needs based” and will not be provided or reimbursed after the re-licensing or re-certification fees have already been paid.

To apply or learn more, Soldiers should contact their local AER office. If you are not located near an AER office, you or your immediate Family member may visit any other service relief society to request assistance and they’ll make sure you get the help you need regardless of what branch your affiliate with.

In the event a local office is inaccessible or located further than 50 miles away, the American Red Cross is authorized to process the assistance request (1-877-272-7337). Use our Office Locator tool to find your nearest AER Office.

Are You An AER Officer?

Click here to view Spouse Relicensing/Recertification Assistance Guidance.