Spouse Empowerment Series: New Roundtable Conversations for Military Spouses

Spouse Empowerment Series. A quarterly conversation providing military spouses the tools needed to thrive


The challenges that Military Families face may be softened with the knowledge that everything at home is taken care of. Achieving this level of reassurance requires thorough planning and comprehensive knowledge of resources available to Army Families to help alleviate hardship. To support planning and knowledge sharing, Army Emergency Relief launched the Spouse Empowerment Series in hopes of “providing Military Spouses with the tools needed to thrive.” 

Introducing: Spouse Empowerment Series

The Spouse Empowerment Series is a quarterly call aimed at facilitating conversations around key topics pertinent to the lives of our Soldiers and their Families. Hosted by AER Military Spouse Ambassador and 2016 AFI Military Spouse of the Year Krista Simpson Anderson, each call is organized around a theme relevant to Army Families, such as PCS, Spouse employment, emergency planning, and more. The calls happen once each quarter and Krista Anderson welcomes special guests and co-hosts to share new information and answer questions from participants. 

The series took over a year to fully develop. After careful planning, AER’s Spouse Empowerment Series launched with the goal of providing a safe space for Army Spouses to gather online and have a true roundtable conversation about issues that matter to Spouses and Families and share information and resources that empower Spouses and strengthen the whole Army Team. 

Krista Anderson, the host of the quarterly calls, is most excited about providing a platform for Military Spouses to gather online and ask questions to subject matter experts. She states, “Oftentimes, we individualize our hardships, but this series is a reminder you are not alone in your distress as a Military Spouse. Many other Spouses have probably experienced something similar.” The Spouse Empowerment Series helps Spouses learn from each other and form meaningful relationships. 

What You Missed

The Spouse Empowerment Series officially launched on June 30 with co-hosts Verenice Castillo and Whitney Armstrong from Military Spouse Advocacy Network (MSAN) and PCS Reform Advocate Megan Harless from Caliber Home Loans. The major theme for the event was PCS and other topics included MSAN’s mentorship program, purchasing homes, and AER’s Spouse Relicensing and Recertification assistance program. 

Save the Date

The second Spouse Empowerment Series call will take place on August 11 at 12PM EST. The theme will be Back-to-School season and the call will be co-hosted by the Military Child Education Coalition. From the “Homework Box” to Remote Education Grants, we will be sharing tips, tricks, and resources for a successful school year. AER will also introduce List & File, a PCS and military life organization tool. The first 40 registered attendees will receive their own List & File gifts! 

You can register for this event HERE


For questions or to co-host the Spouse Empowerment Series, please email bianca.cegatte@aerhq.org.