ROTC Cadets Now Eligible for Emergency Travel Assistance

Effective Wednesday, September 4th, ROTC cadets under contract to serve in the U.S. Army are eligible for financial assistance for costs associated with emergency travel.

At the suggestion of Army Emergency Relief’s Board of Managers, the emergency travel category of assistance was expanded to include ROTC cadets under contract to serve in the U.S. Army. The expansion brings contracted ROTC cadets into alignment with West Point cadets, who were already eligible for emergency travel assistance due to their contracted military service upon graduation.

Financial assistance for emergency travel is available for up to seven days of travel within the continental United States and up to 14 days overseas. The assistance covers costs related to emergency travel, such as transportation, lodging, and food.

How To Request Assistance:

Assistance requests are processed by your nearest AER officer. Use our Office Locator tool to find your nearest AER Office.


Are you an AER officer? Click here to view ROTC Cadet Emergency Travel Assistance (Bulletin 12-2020).