Preparing for the Unexpected

Krista Simpson Anderson and Elizabeth Cook

In the Military Spouse world, it all seems too small, when you cross paths with someone who provides a product that pairs nicely with everything you are passionate about.

“Arm yourself and be brave” is what Krista Simpson Anderson, AER’s Military Spouse Ambassador shares with Military Families any chance she gets. Krista is the Spouse of an active-duty Green Beret (soon to be retired) and the gold star Spouse of a Green Beret killed in action in Afghanistan in 2013. She has taken her experience and testimony and used it to educate service members and their families about the importance of being prepared for anything.

Krista had the gift of being prepared, “on paper” when her husband SSG Michael H. Simpson was wounded in AFG and later succumbed to those wounds. She had a file with everything she would need to execute his wishes and legally take over the household. Over the years, she has worked with many Spouses that didn’t have what they needed and has seen the stress this puts on the Family in the midst of tragedy.

Liz Cook, the owner of List & File, created her PCS binder inserts to help Families prepare for a PCS and provide confidence, peace of mind, readiness, and cleanliness. Her mission is to provide an effortless, reliable file organization system for every Military Family. Her vision is to help Families develop the confidence to manage military life, and the peace of mind to enjoy it.

Liz is no stranger to the gifts and disappointments military life can bring with the next set of orders. There are some dream duty stations and some you pray you never get assigned to.

She says, “Military life is often a last-minute, spur of the moment, whirlwind of change – and not because of anything we’ve done! We’re all doing our best to handle and organize surprises and disappointments as best we can. Nothing in your home actually needs to look like Pinterest perfection. BUT, if you make time to organize the small but impactful things like your PCS binder, only good things come as a result.”

Liz’s top four things her product provides, shown here in her blog post “The Top 4 Benefits of Organizing for Military Families” speaks to our Spouse Ambassador. Krista looks at the PCS binder as more of a “Life Binder”, which Liz is creating as we speak.

Krista and Liz have the experiences and testimonies to prove the importance of having essential conversations, emergency planning, financial readiness, and organizing it all.

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Written by Krista Simpson Anderson and Elizabeth Cook