Meet Yesenia Ortiz, AER Legacy Donor Relations Specialist

Army Emergency Relief is introducing our new Legacy Donor Relations Specialist, Yesenia Ortiz!

One of Army Emergency Relief’s most popular Ways to Give is through legacy donations, which allow donors to contribute to AER as a part of their will or trust. This is a flexible gift that leaves a lasting impact on Soldiers in need now and in the future. Yesenia is excited to take on her role in helping donors figure out their next steps. “It’s really cool to help someone figure out the legacy they’re leaving and feel the rewards now,” Yesenia said.

Before working for AER, Yesenia spent time as a military child on a base in West Germany, served time as a Soldier, worked as a chef for the Special Forces and Black Ops in Iraq, and became a Military Spouse. As a result, AER has remained a constant throughout her journey.

“I can’t remember a time I didn’t know about AER,” she said. “It was something special for the Army. It was always there, and it was for us.” Yesenia has always considered it a home and a familiar face, which she acknowledges now was all a part of her journey to discovering her calling: “I had to ask myself, ‘What do I want to do?’ I wanted to be in nonprofits. I wanted to make a difference. Everything led me to this opportunity.”

Yesenia still enjoys cooking and baking, most recently experimenting with different taco recipes and finding a perfect way to blend her and her husband’s Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage through a form of grilled tacos with a dipping broth. “I like cooking more now than when I was a chef,” she said. “I get to cook what I want when I want. I get bored of what I cook and like to try new things.”

She found that the same desire that had drawn her to become a pastry chef, constantly baking for birthdays and other special events, now gave her a passion for helping donors determine what legacy they will leave behind. “I want to be in the monumental points in people’s lives,” she said. “It’s like I was made for this opportunity.”

In order to make donating as easy and painless as possible, Yesenia is encouraging donors to participate in all the great digital tools available to them. They can fill out an online survey about giver resources, write a personal story in the “Tell Us Your Story” feature or click the “Contact Us” button to reach her directly.

Along with her general excitement to be taking on this role, Yesenia invites donors and potential donors to “keep an eye out for new campaign announcements coming soon.”

Watch our Facebook Live with our new Donor Relations Specialist, Yesenia Ortiz about Legacy Giving!

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