Financial Assistance for PCS

Are you or someone you know about to PCS?

Army Emergency Relief provides financial assistance for costs associated with a permanent change of duty station (PCS). AER can help with expenses before, during, and after a PCS, such as auto repair, rent deposit, temporary lodging, appliance repair, child care assistance, spouse relicensing, and more.

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new challenges to PCS, including possible 14-day quarantine periods before and after PCS to a foreign country. Although AER does not traditionally provide financial assistance for costs associated with pet ownership, AER may, as an exception, provide assistance for pet boarding during quarantine. Pet boarding assistance may be provided for up to 15 days both before and after PCS. Requests for more than 30 total days of boarding will be reviewed by AER headquarters. Soldiers should be prepared with an estimate of boarding fees before issuing a request for financial assistance.

So who’s eligible?

Active Duty Soldiers, Active Guard and Reserve Soldiers, and their Families may be eligible for zero-interest loans, grants, or a combination of both. Active Guard and Reserve Soldiers may require Title 10 orders for 31 or more consecutive days. Exceptions may apply. Talk to your nearest Military Aid Office to learn more.

How to apply:

Like most AER assistance requests, PCS assistance is processed by your nearest AER officer or any military aid office. Soldiers can go directly to their AER office or ask their chain of command for help.

Not located within 50 miles of a military aid office? No problem! The American Red Cross is authorized to process AER assistance requests for Soldiers located further than 50 miles from their nearest military aid office. Call 1-877-272-7337 to request assistance through the American Red Cross.

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