Army Senior Leadership Announces Special July AER Campaign

In response to disruptions to the Army’s annual AER campaign, Army Senior Leadership announced a special July campaign to ensure every Soldier understands the programs and benefits of AER and has an opportunity to participate in the campaign.

The 2020 campaign, which took place from 1 March through 15 May, got off to a strong start with garrisons around the world reporting strong participation numbers. As the threat of the coronavirus pandemic increased, on-base activities slowed, and focus shifted from the campaign to the health and readiness of the force. Some installations conducted successful remote campaigns while others opted to postpone or extend their efforts.

The decision by Army Senior Leadership to host a special July campaign highlights the importance of AER in supporting readiness of the force. Garrison commanders will determine whether in-person or remote campaigns are appropriate for their installation and all Army leaders and public affairs officers will receive the full support of AER headquarters throughout the special campaign.


July AER Campaign Guidance:

2020 Campaign CSA Memo

2020 Special July AER Campaign Letter from SecArmy, CSA, SMA

2020 July Campaign Guidance for Army Leaders

2020 July Campaign Guidance for Public Affairs Officers

2020 July Campaign Do’s and Dont’s