AER offering assistance to those displaced by Hurricane Fiona

An Army truck sits in wheel-deep water as Soldier move toward a flooded house.

Army Emergency Relief is joining in the efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico. AER is providing Soldiers and members of the 156th Air National Guard with financial assistance for travel-related expenses associated with returning to an evacuated home, basic essential needs to sustain oneself during recovery and any other essential needs associated with restoration that affect life, health or safety.

The President approved an emergency declaration for Puerto Rico this weekend, authorizing FEMA to “coordinate all disaster relief efforts to alleviate hardship and suffering and provide appropriate assistance, to save lives and protect property, public health and safety.”

FEMA urged residents of Puerto Rico to stay alert to continuing hazards, including extreme heat, even though the storm has passed. Rainfall has increased the risks of mud, rock and landslides persist across Puerto Rico. Aid workers are making efforts to restore power, communications and water to the areas affected, according to FEMA.

Those eligible for AER disaster assistance are:

  • Soldiers on Active Duty and their eligible Family Members;
  • Soldiers Retired from Active Duty because of longevity and their eligible Family Members;
  • Retired Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers receiving retired pay and their Family Members;
  • Medically Retired Soldiers and their dependents, including both those placed on the Permanent Disability Retired List or Temporary Disability Retirement List;
  • Surviving Spouses and Children of Soldiers who died while on Active Duty (including those on Title 10 Orders) or in an eligible Retired status;
  • Members of the Reserve Component of the Army (National Guard and Army Reserve under Title 10 U.S.C) on continuous Active Duty for more than 30 consecutive days and their eligible Family Members;
  • Title 10, Title 32 and TPU Army National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers NOT mobilized, or are mobilized for LESS THAN 30 consecutive days and those activated in support of Hurricane Fiona relief efforts.
  • Members of the 156th Air National Guard in accordance with Air Force Aid Society disaster assistance guidelines.

To find out more, contact your local AER Office, fill out our Contact Us form or check out the Hurricane Fiona Disaster Assistance Bulletin.

Bulletin instructions apply to the Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico, AER Section