Donation of Securities

A donation of securities is a safe way to make a long-lasting tax-deductible gift to AER.

Please notify us of your intention to donate securities to AER. Provide your name and mailing address so we can acknowledge your generous contribution and provide you with the required documentation for tax purposes.

Donations will be valued at the mean market value on the day they are posted to Army Emergency Relief’s account by The Northern Trust Company.

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How to Donate Securities

For securities held in certificate form

The certificates should be properly executed for transfer, using Medallion Signature Guarantee (or equivalent is permitted by the issuing company) and shipped via registered USPS mail to:

The Northern Trust Company
ATTN: Trade Security Processing
801 South Canal – C1N
Chicago, IL 60607

The instructions accompanying the certificates should direct that they be placed in Army Emergency Relief account number 26-03984.

For securities held in brokerage accounts

Direct your broker to transfer securities to Army Emergency Relief through the Depository Trust Company, using DTC number 2669.

The transfer should be made to Army Emergency Relief, account number 26-03984, The Northern Trust Company, Chicago, IL.