Meet Andrea Clark: Hello, Military Financial Planning!

Hi, I’m Andie, and I love to talk about retirement.  Both kinds — the “retirement” at the end of a military career and the retirement we all think of when we imagine our older age.  I love numbers as they relate to military financial planning.  But as you know, sometimes the numbers don’t love us back (hint: that is where AER can step in!)

That’s also where I come in. I won’t bore you with lots of details, but you can click here if you would like to read the story of my journey from engineer to military spouse to math teacher to Certified Financial Planner™ and Accredited Financial Counselor®.   I teach military and veteran households the positive habits and timely actions they need to take charge of their money, whether they have a little or a lot.  Nobody joins the military to get rich, but we can all live a rich military life.  My goal is to help servicemembers make the most of the pays and benefits they have earned.  I want you to protect and grow all the assets you have available while serving your country and serving your long-term financial life goals.

In addition to being a personal financial counselor for all branches of services, I run a “test kitchen” that includes one bald retired guy, four kids, and one absolutely perfect grandchild.  As a family we walked through those milestone financial decision points that pop up during a long career:

Another PCS move?  Hello, VA loans and accidental landlording and Credit Reporting 101.

Deployments too numerous to mention?  Better brush up on tax benefits, Savings Deposit Program, TSP contributions, and getting those legal documents up-to-date at the JAG.

College will cost how much for me and the kiddos?  Let’s look into those transferrable VA education benefits please!  But first, a FAFSA.  And maybe a CSS Profile.  And some CLEP and AP exams to cut college costs.  Oh, and don’t forget the 529 accounts!

And you want me to sign what documents for SBP?  Are we almost done yet?  Can’t you just tell me how much that retirement check is going to be?  When will it be here?

I’m excited the AER organization has dedicated this space to share our collective knowledge on all things military financial planning.  I look forward to accompanying you on the journey!